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Established in 2004 in Athens, Greece, Maz Medical® makes pioneering medical technology available to the public market while maintaining connections with the most innovative and inventive companies. Since we are a dynamic company, working with discipline and efficiency, we strive to satisfy our customers and remain innovative. Our experience in the field of medical technology, marketing and sales is unparalleled and that is the reason why we stand out. 

You can read more our company here.   

Products and Services

Innovations in action

Our portfolio consists of products by the most innovative manufacturers.


MAZMEDICAL is compliant with EN ISO 9001:2016 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2015 standards. Certificates have been issued by the certifying entity TUV Austria Hellas.  

ISO 9001:2016

EN ISO 13480:2016



Here at MAZMEDICAL we foster a workplace culture in which our employees are respected and valued so that we may recruit and retain the best people for our innovative, fast-paced, and exciting business.

MAZ MEDICAL is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to diversity and fairness in the workplace and invites you to submit your resume at :


Our team consists of some very experienced technicians, among others. Thus, we are able to provide constant technical support and maintenance on the equipment, if necessary.   


             NO LIMITATIONS

Mazmedical is an independent, constantly adapting company with a vast, ever growing array of products. The portfolio presented here is just an indicative list of our most popular products. Our passion is to constantly introduce new and revolutionary products to the market, thus we are always open to requests or suggestions for new products. Therefore, whether you are a medical practitioner looking for a particular product, or an aspiring manufacturer looking for the ideal sales representative in Greece, you can contact us anytime at :


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