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QSUM provides specifically designed procedure draping, biopsy trays/Kit and specialty products for the Breast Care and Interventional Radiology Markets.

QSUM’s sterile, latex-free patient drapes protect both patient and clinician from infectious bodily fluids. Designed for use with ultrasound, stereotactic & MRI these drapes allow complete access to the area of interest while providing flexibility for a variety of procedures. Simple and unique design variations along with completely absorbent materials make these drapes perfect for PICC lines, ports, CT biopsies, ultrasound biopsies, needle localizations, cyst aspirations and other interventional operations.



Accufit table drapeAccufit table drape






AccuFit® Mammotome® Stereotactic Drapes (fits Fischer® & Siemens® Tables)



Accufit autoguide drapeAccufit autoguide drape






AccuFit® Mammotome® Stereotactic Autoguide Drape (fits Fischer® & Siemens® Tables)



Accufit Hologic table drapeAccufit Hologic table drape






AccuFit® Hologic/Lorad® MultiCareTM Draping Products



Accufit Hologic stage drapeAccufit Hologic stage drape






AccuFit® Lorad® Stage Drape - includes needle guidance drape, stage drape and control panel cover.






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