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The Mammotome Elite® is a compact breast biopsy device which is guided through ultra-sonic waves. It's an extremely efficient and easy-to-use device and has the capability to extract multiple samples of a single insertion. The sample collection is executed with the push of a button. After the sample extraction, this revolutionary device uses vacuum technology ( integrated TruVac technology ) to transport the sample through the needle and into the integrated sample holder.  

Mammotome's Elite frontMammotome's Elite front

Mammotome's Elite backMammotome's Elite back

Mammotome Elite's needle Mammotome Elite's needle    

Features include but are not limited to:

  • Single insertion allows for multiple samples without removing the needle
  • 10G and 13G needle options
  • Only tetherless device with TruVac vacuum technology
  • Touch-free tissue retrieval and transportation
  • Removable cannula for accurate tissue marker placement
  • Bladed tip for improved lesion access and maximized procedure control


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