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One of Mammotome's most prominent and highly-regarded system is the Revolve® System, a vacuum-assisted and stereotactic image-guided device that extracts breast tissue for histological review. The Revolve® system provides efficiency and clinical confidence throughout the procedure and onto pathology in a swift in-office procedure.

Revolve ® SystemRevolve ® System

Interface of Revolve ® SystemInterface of Revolve ® System

Holster probe 
of Revolve ® SystemHolster probe of Revolve ® System

         Features include but are not limited to:

  • Automated collection and organization of biopsy samples into individual chambers
  • “Touch-free” post biopsy sample analysis by specimen radiography

  • Simple lesion targeting and biopsy probe positioning

  • Real-time operational feedback

  • Easy to use, ergonomic controls

  • Choice of 8 gauge or 10 gauge probe needles


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